The history of Nedac Sorbo Mascot

1890 | Vero Brush Company

Vero stands for tradition and quality. Since 1890, these quintessentially Dutch brooms and brushes have been a fixture in Dutch households. In over 100 years the company has evolved to a brand that boasts an extensive range of cleaning equipment for professionals, maintenance companies and general consumers.

1899 | Tala

British brand Tala has a long and rich history. In 1899, Fredrick Taylor and Thomas Law founded the factory Taylor Law & Co Ltd. It is here that Victorian metal kitchen and garden tools were produced.

Now, over one hundred years later, the metal Tala baking products such as the dry cook’s measure and the powder shaker, are still being artisanally produced in the United Kingdom.

1948 | Albert Horn Sohne GmbH

The Albert Horn brand is well known in the German greeting card market and has been a fixture for over 70 years. The collections and designs of Albert Horn greeting cards and gift wrapping paper are beloved by customers and consumers all across Germany.

1962 | N.E.D.A.C.

In 1962 sir Jac. H. de Jong founded the company Nedac, which is an acronym for ‘Nederlandse Agenturen Combinatie’, or the Dutch Agency Combination. Nedac B.V. functioned as a sales office for numerous manufacturers of cleaning supplies and other household products.

1967 | Sorbo: A new brand

Basis CMYK
Basis CMYK

In order to sell these cleaning supplies in a more conceptual way the Sorbo brand was launched in 1967, its name derived from the word “absorbent”. With this label the cleaning supplies were actively marketed directly to consumers. Sorbo products were already being offered through supermarket retail channels.

1970 | Didden Distribution Company

Didden Distributie Maatschappij B.V. (Didden Distribution Company) was founded by Kees and Ria Didden. This family business was focused on distributing greeting cards, batteries and Philips (glow)lamps. Didden offers storage and distribution solutions, such as delivery, floor design and full-service merchandising. The company headquarter is located in Den Bosch, where the Dutch market is serviced. The Dendermonde (BE) location serves the Belgian and Luxemburg markets.

Specialist in complex product groups

Over the years the company grew into a specialist in the non-food sector by continually specializing in attractive yet complex product groups. This is how Nedac Sorbo developed a brand as well as a distribution method that in the Benelux is now considered a phenomena.

1976 | George East Housewares

1989 | Mascot Europe

Mascot Europe BV was founded in 1989 as a stock-carrying importer of cleaning supplies. Over the years, the range bloomed into various product groups, such as laundry and cleaning supplies, domestic goods, personal care, hobby & crafts, tools & DIY, multimedia and trend & promotional goods.

The company evolved to its current position on the European market by becoming known as a dependable distributor to retail chains, supermarkets, post-order companies, home shopping networks, market merchants, independent vendors, wholesalers and cleaning companies.

2004 | Acquisition Vero Brush Company

2005 | George East Housewares joins Nedac Sorbo Group

Logo - BU GEH

2016 | Didden Distributie Maatschappij BV joins the Nedac Sorbo Group

On the 14th of November 2016 Nedac Sorbo Group took over the reins of branch associate Didden Beheer BV (also known as Didden Distributie Maatschappij BV). This acquisition fits the Nedac Sorbo strategy to become the leading partner for long tail service categories in the Benelux and the United Kingdom.

Didden’s knowledge of lights, batteries and greeting cards are a welcome complement to our expertise. The joint venture is able to play into the growing needs of our customers by outsourcing long tail non-food selections through various service channels.

2017 | Nedac Sorbo Group takes over business operations from Lexro BV

As an expert in in/out campaigns, savings campaigns and loyalty programmes, the Lexro firm brings a lot of new knowledge to Nedac Sorbo Group.

2017 | Albert Horn GmbH becomes Nedac GmbH

Albert Horn GmbH

Albert Horn has a unique distribution and service process that tailors to over 5.000 stores, allowing them to efficiently cater to stores all over Germany. Acquiring the Albert Horn name means that Nedac extends services to the German retail market, further branching out our category specialism in gift cards.

2018 | Merger with Mascot Europe BV

Mascot Europe BV delivers food and non-food consumer products, such as laundry and cleaning articles, household goods, personal care, hobby & crafts, tools and DIY, multimedia, trends & action products.

The merger strengthens the commercial expertise and the category management of both companies. We expect our joint efforts to better play into the demands and wishes of customers on topics like sustainability, storage and different forms of distribution.

Mascot Europe BV and Nedac Sorbo Group merged as one corporation on January 1st 2018, under the new holding Nedac Sorbo Mascot.

Service from start to the shelves

Distribution channels

In order to solve certain complex logistical matters for customers, Mr. De Jong developed the Service Merchandising system. This was indeed modelled after the American system, but with an angle dedicated to the Dutch retail market. Nowadays over 150 employees drive their Nedac Sorbo cars to Dutch and Belgian retailers in order to stock their shelves with our products.

International playing field

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The company has grown from a Dutch company into an international player. Our warehouse and headquarters are located in Duiven, the Netherlands. In order to support our activities across the border, we have sales offices and distribution centres in Belgium, the United Kingdom and Germany that operate independently.

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