Our mission statement

Unlock the potential


The mission statement of Nedac Sorbo Mascot is to ‘unlock the potential’, meaning that we are continually exploring new possibilities in retail. We aim to unburden our customers by taking care of international procurement processes for complex categories. We also aim to optimally 'unlock the potential' of our ambitious and talented employees and manufacturers. We are able to realize this by working with the best partners, by garnering the best in-house knowledge and talent, and by planting a firm foot in the community; socially responsible entrepreneurship is an key incentive at Nedac Sorbo Mascot.

Nedac Sorbo Mascot is specialized in complex product groups such as cleaning, pets, self-care, fashion and kitchen supplies. Versatility is our strength: from sourcing to placing on the shelves, the entire process is offered to our customers by us.

The Nedac Sorbo Mascot strategy is based on these four pillars:

ü Innovative products and services.

ü Impeccable support for optimal product presentation.

ü Hyper-efficient slow moving logistics.

ü Qualitative and sustainable entrepreneurship.

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