Nedac Sorbo Mascot

The non-food specialist

Nedac Sorbo Mascot is specialized in the sourcing, developing and distribution of non-food concepts for supermarkets, discounters, DIY stores and warehouses across Europe. We have years of experience in dealing with complex product groups and offer our customers various solutions on topics such as concepts, product range, distribution and e-commerce. Our versatile package means we can provide tailor-made solutions, ensuring we meet the dynamic needs of our customers.

Turnkey solutions

Nedac Sorbo Mascot is involved in the entire supply chain of non-food products: from production to service merchandising. Our global sourcing network allows us to offer our products at the best price and quality.

At Nedac Sorbo Mascot, our specialists work together in service of our customers to ensure their non-food needs are taken care of. Our category managers create effective planograms and make sure our selection is kept up to date with the best, most on trend products. Our logistics team at our warehouse makes sure that products get to the right customer on time, while our planners collect orders and make sure transport is taken care of. Lastly, our service merchandisers facilitate our customers from start to finish: they manage display techniques, place orders and make sure that store shelves are always well-stocked and visually pleasing.

This full-service package is just one of the options we at Nedac Sorbo Mascot offer our customers. We offer solutions on many levels, from logistical matters to e-fulfilment. Considering the customer's needs, we will adjust the distribution plan and the merchandising model. Our flexibility in how we apply our service models means we can offer our customers a solution tailored to their exact needs.

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Depending on the customer’s wishes, Nedac Sorbo Mascot will adjust the manner of distribution and the merchandising model. We are flexible in how we apply our service models.” - Wouter Meijerink, CEO

Complex product groups

Nedac Sorbo Mascot is specialized in complex slow mover product groups, such as cleaning supplies, pet nutrition and leg fashion. With over 50 years of experience, we know how to meet consumers’ needs. We develop our own branded products that are not only innovative and of the highest quality, but are also on trend according to the latest fashions.

Besides our owned brands, we also develop private labels and licensing brands, depending on the needs of our customers. Due to our multifaceted manner of working, we can offer each customer a selection tailored to them. The products come from all around the world (one metre of shelving can involve twenty manufacturers) and our teams put these products together into one concept.

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"Our multi-facetted way of working allows us to offer a tailored selection to each customer." - Wouter Meijerink, CEO

International playing field

Nedac Sorbo Mascot is an international company with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and England. In the Netherlands, our headquarters are located in Duiven and a sales office is situated in Wognum. The Belgium and Luxemburg markets are operated from Breendonk (BE). Our Nedac GmbH offices can be found in Germany, specializing in long tail retail concepts for the German greeting cards and gift wrapping market. George East Housewares (UK) holds a wide selection of kitchenware necessities and self-care products dedicated to the British market, with strong owned brands such as Tala and Chef Aid.