‘Albert Horn greeting card activities strengthen the category specialism of Nedac Sorbo Mascot’

Trade and distribution organization Nedac Sorbo Group intends to acquire the assets of branch partner Albert Horn GmbH. This intended acquisition fits into the strategy of Nedac Sorbo Group to further broaden their services, and to gain more knowledge about the German retail market. This will help them build their category specialism of greeting cards. The acquisition should be final by June 15th 2017 latest, should all conditions be met.

Wouter Meijerink, CEO of Nedac Sorbo Group: “The coming weeks we will be taking inventory of how to achieve optimal synergy by making use of both company’s strengths. I am convinced that this will result in new possibilities in all the various markets that we cater to.”

Herr Schmit, managing director at Albert Horn, is very pleased that after a trying time they have found a new strategic partner in the Nedac Sorbo Group. He is convinced that this is a crucial decision for the Albert Horn brand in order to continue investing in making unique greeting cards with contemporary designs and in delivering authentic service.