Overname Didden-compressed

‘This merger of two great companies will diversify the service we offer our clients, while also gaining deeper specializations in our core business.’

As of November 14th 2016, trade and distribution organization Nedac Sorbo Group (NSG) has taken over the reins of industry associate Didden Beheer B.V. (better known as Didden Distributie Maatschappij BV, of the Didden distribution company). This acquisition fits the Nedac Sorbo strategy to become the leading partner in long tail service categories in the Benelux and the United Kingdom.

Wouter Meijerink, CEO of the Nedac Sorbo Group, says: “By merging, both companies are able to offer wider and deeper knowledge in their service to our customers.

The knowledge Didden brings in lighting, batteries and greeting cards is a welcome complement to our expertise. The joint venture is therefore able to play into the growing needs of our customers, by outsourcing long tail non-food selections through various service channels. For the coming weeks, will be taking inventory on how to best achieve optimal synergy by making use of each other’s strengths.”

Peter Steijven, interim board member at Didden Beheer BV, shares the following: “There was a need for a stable partnership in our Dutch branch. After a few turbulent years, we are sure to have found the best possible partner in NSG in order to create a healthy perspective for the company and her employees. The existing Belgian division of Didden Beheer BV, which has been led by Frank van Vught for 23 years, will continue operations as before.”

About Nedac Sorbo Group
Nedac Sorbo Group is a renowned trade and distribution organization located in Duiven (NL), Breendonk (BE) and Bath and Leiston (UK). The company counts 370 employees and is specialized in sourcing, developing and distributing non-food concepts. NSG is organized into the category groups Pet Care, Cleaning, Personal care & Legwear, Housewares, Specials & Logistic Service and Health Care. Each category group has its own category management team, sales & sourcing employees and product concept developers for both private labels and owned brands.

With more than 10.000 products in over 20 product categories, Nedac Sorbo Group caters to her clients throughout Europe on a daily basis. NSG’s client base consists of food and non-food retailers as well as hardware stores, DIY retailers and garden centres.

For more information, please contact Wouter Meijerink, CEO of Nedac Sorbo Group. Call +31 (0)26 319 4444.