DUIVEN/HOORN/AMSTERDAM – As of January 1st 2018, Dutch companies Mascot Europe BV and Nedac Sorbo Group have formed one trade organization, for which the holding company will move forward under the Nedac Sorbo Mascot moniker.

The companies within the Nedac Sorbo Mascot holding complement each other on their commercial expertise. Both ventures expect their joint efforts to better play into the demands and wishes of their customers on topics such as sustainability, storage and forms of distribution.
The shared trade organization has a combined annual revenue of over €200 million, and ambitions to grow throughout western Europe. Both Mascot Europe and Nedac Sorbo Group will continue to work autonomously under their current management.

Mascot Europe BV is based in Hoorn (Netherlands HQ), and has a procurement office in Ningbo, China. Nedac Sorbo Group is located in Duiven (Netherlands HQ), Breendonk (Belgium), Bath & Leiston (UK) and Hattersheim (Germany).