Our brands

From competitive to private labels

Nedac Sorbo Mascot delivers products in over 15 categories. We develop our own labels such as Sorbo, Best for your Friend, ChefAid, Tala and LTBD, while also distributing third party brands. When there is a need for a private or fancy label to be developed for a customer, we deliver. Additionally, we develop products under licensing.

Owned brands

We have developed a selection of strong owned labels, with the focus on quality and innovation.

Top third party brands

We provide distribution for a number of well-known top brands. From our hyper efficient warehouse, we are able serve our retail partners down to by the parcel. For wholesalers, we also offer pallet delivery as an option.

Licensing brands

We develop hair fashion, legwear and party supplies under licensing. We work with companies such as Disney and Lief!.

Private & Fancy labels

We offer the possibility of realizing an exclusive private or fancy label.

"As a retailer, your only concern will be to make sure the products can be scanned.”
– Linda Janssen-Homburg, Business Unit Manager