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Sorbo has been the cleaning supplies specialist in the Netherlands for the past 50 years. The products are ergonomically, innovatively and above all effectively designed. Our tools make keeping the house clean a lot easier. After all, we all have less time to clean than we used to. For every surface and application, we offer a solution.

The products vary from the true classics, such as the Sorbonette cloths and the wooden dish brush, to innovative new products like the Quick & Easy dish brush and the Click-On shower blade. They stand out due to their vibrant colours, slick design and of course their excellent quality.

Sorbo Premium is a luxurious line with innovative tools, such as the Premium Spray mop, an ergonomic bathtub scrubber and a microfibre duster. These can be attached to a Quick-Click handle for extra user comfort.


High quality

Innovative products

Trendy designs

Have fun with cleaning


The Sorbo brand was founded in 1967.

Sorbo is derived from 'absorbent'.

Sorbo has an 85% rating in brand awareness in the Netherlands.

An average Dutch household has at least 2 Sorbo cleaning items in the home.

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