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Tala is one of the oldest and most beloved brands dedicated to baking products. The range is as functional as it is original. This typically English brand offers premium quality products to make baking even more fun!

The Tala brand has a long and rich history. The original factory was founded in 1899 by Frederick Taylor and Thomas Law as Taylor Law & Co Ltd. It was there that they produced Victorian kitchen and gardening tools made of metal. Now, over a hundred years later, the classic metal Tala baking products such as the cook’s dry measuring cup and powder shaker are still produced in the United Kingdom.

Tala is owned by George East Housewares (UK). GEH has been a part of Nedac Sorbo Mascot since 2005.


Premium quality

Iconic products

Rich history

Based in the United Kingdom


Tala gets its name from the combined surnames from the founders Fredrick Taylor and Thomas Law.

The Tala dry cook’s measure cup has been produced by the same machine since 1920.

Tala’s high quality products are still often passed down from generation to generation.

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